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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beach Hut Birds

It's taken 8 years on the waiting list but finally we were allocated our own beach hut this year!!  It's right near our home in a great spot so we were really lucky to get one there.  

When we opened it up, it was looking rather sad so we got it re-decorated and kitted out with new units and some half timbering so make it feel fresh and beachy.

It needed something else ... so enter onto the stage my two Gulls. 

I had a couple of cards by an artist called Barbara Khan which I bought to keep and so I used her very simple style to paint my friends onto the wall.  I was a bit nervous doing this on the walls as there wasn't much room for error if I wasn't going to have to repaint the walls but I really enjoyed this project with my radio on the huge expanse of beach in front of me.

If anyone else wants a beach hut project done ...


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  1. Absolutely fabulous Alexa...! Gorgeous gulls. Enjoy the summer!


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