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Friday, 4 May 2012

Burst the Balloon

Well, I've finally returned to my computer after about a month of being away on holiday and then playing catch up with everything at home.  Life's like that isn't it?  Sometimes there are periods when you are just so frantically busy with 'stuff' - nothing really big - just regular 'stuff' in huge quantities that creative time just vanishes.  

OK, I've had my moan and I'm off the soap box!!

I wanted to share this photo with you all that I took last night on the second stage of my photography course.  

We filled balloons with water and suspended them on a pole over a bin to try and contain at least some of the mess!  Our tutor then burst threw a dart at the balloon after a count of 3 and we had to try and capture the action in a single shot.  This was my third attempt - I was a fraction too late on the first two attempts and the results of these are show below.

A great evening and another technique learned; I'm loving what you can do with a camera!



  1. The images are AMAZING.and I actually like the last two best (lol).

  2. Now THAT is cool! I love the way you can still see the shape of the balloon... and the DART! I would love to take a photography course; but I would first have to invest in a nice camera...

  3. I just purchased a new camera- how fun and cool to see ll of your fun techniques! The pictures are awesome!

  4. Your photography is REMARKABLE! I'm jello at what you have learned to do, and captured, on your new camera! Really inspirational, too! Have fun with your new skills!

  5. Love these! That first one is just amazing!


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