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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Glass Bead Gel Tags

I have uploaded a tutorial onto the Gingersnap website to show how to make these tags.  

I love playing with messy stuff, and glass bead gel is so exciting!  I actually bought it from an online art retailer without knowing what it was or what I would do with it because it just sounded fun.  I wasn't disappointed as it is gorgeous stuff!

When wet, the gel is milky and the beads are hard to see but once it dries it is clear and the little glass beads are everywhere.  You can spray it with glitter, tint it with paint or spritz it with mica spray.

I decided to use it to create effects in apertures which I cut into large tags.

I made a seaside tag based around this lovely bathing beauty who I downloaded from Diva D'Este.

I created a wavy element at the bottom using the gel.

This butterfly tag has the gel all around the butterfly and is scuplted in swirls.  I decorated the tag with shimmer sprays, masks and paints.  The butterflies are beeswaxed and have idea-ology pen nibs for their bodies.  I used stamps by Lavinia stamps, Lost Coast Designs and Stampotique.


  1. Alexa
    I LOVE glass bead gel as it is so versatile and I LOVE Divas D'Este and have used that particular image a few times.
    Great to see Divas images as I so rarely come across them, apart from myself and Gayle using them so I applaud you.

  2. These are so BEAUTIFUL Alexa! I have never tried using glass bead gel! No fans, love them all! Awesome!

  3. I've never heard of glass bead gel but these are both stunning - gorgeous colours and images. xx

  4. Stunning tags! I've never heard of glass bead gel but what you have done is very inspiring!

  5. What a beautiful couple of tags! Looks like a really fun tutorial too- I have never heard of that gel- will have to see if Blick's has it when I stop in tomorrow.......

  6. Lovely! I've used this produect and I really like it!

  7. Wow Alexa this is gorgeous. Never used this product but makes me want to find some. Maybe after the holidays. Thank you for the link to the tutorial. I will check it out my next visit to Gingersnap Creations.

  8. Great effect! Loved your tutorial!

  9. Just stunning, especially the pen-nib butterflies. Off to check out your tutorial. xx

  10. Love all that layered stamping, Alexa! And the butterfly bodies are terrific.

  11. Beautiful tags. Your colors are amazing!!!

  12. These are fantastic projects and your tutorial was really great!!


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