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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Chocolate Box Cottage

OK ... half term is over and I have time to create again but before I post my new luggage tags, I thought I would share some of my photos of Rose Cottage in the Isle of Wight.

How gorgeous is this?  

Not only does it look like the front of a chocolate box but it also has a massive garden.  

There is a stream with a little stone bridge over it where the kids can take their nets and float boats.


There is a miniature lake with a gingerbread house, complete with a rowing boat called The Tadpole where you can sit and enjoy a cuppa.


And these girls are the biggest hens I have ever seen!  They have big fluffy legs and even more impressive is their big feathery feet.  They are just FAB!

We did treasure trails, bubble blowing and garden games but learning how to make your own bow and arrow with their Dad was one of the highlights for the boys along with seeing whose arrows were the sharpest and went the furthest!! (It's definitely a boy thing!)


Pumpkins carved and ready for lighting ....

But the best part of the week is seeing the children learning to value time with each other which is, for us, what being a FAMILY means. 


Hope you and yours also had a great week ...   x

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