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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Canvas Houses

Wow - the sun is shining today and we have blue sky and puffy clouds!  Seems to have been grey for so long that whilst it's still cold, it's a gorgeous sight and lifts my spirits.  Everything seems so much better when the sun shines!

This fortnight at Try it on Tuesday the challenge is for your project to include stitching - real or faux.  I love adding stitching to my projects although my sewing machine does not feel the same so we have a rather tricky relationship!!  Fortunately for my machine, this project was a hand sewing one so it could stay sulking in the corner ...

We are very lucky to be sponsored by Crafty-Emblies who are offering a £10 store voucher to the winner! 

I made these canvas houses for a good friend of mine who wanted to use them to promote the kits she was selling.  The canvas came pre-cut and I also had the string, beads and some stuffing supplied.  

I started by sketching out the design for each house in pencil before using acrylic paints to create each one.  They are painted on both sides but I forgot to photograph the backs before parting with them so I can only show the fronts which is a shame as the pink house has a flowering creeper growing all over it but you'll just have to imagine it!  

Once dry, I half stitched them up before stuffing them using the filling supplied plus some additional soft toy filling.

I painted the beads to match each house and plaited some of the string before threading the beads.  The strings were then glued into the houses to ensure they stay put and the bottom sewn up.

They are a really fun project so long as you remember to punch the holes with a bradle rather than try to get the needle to do the work.  My thumb was testament to my mistake on the first one where I hadn't realised this was the way to go!!

Hope you get some sunshine in your day too ... xx


  1. Hi Alexa
    Those houses are adorable but at the same time quirky and rather cool.
    I love the addition of the stitches.
    P.S. Thanks for your visits and being part of my Giveaway.

  2. Clever idea! They turned out so cute, I have a friend that would LOVE them, so I guess I'll give it a go to surprise her. What size are they? Thanks for sharing!!

  3. They are just adorable, I love the painting on canvas, the beads, the sewing...just everything!! So glad you have some sunshine, we have the opposite! lol ♥ waving hi from the soggy hills of North Carolina :)

  4. These house look amazing, love the bright colours.
    Yvonne x

  5. These are adorable! I bet your freidn was pleased with these samples. Hugs Cindy x

  6. I absolutely love these, your designs and painting are fab. X

  7. Wow what fabulous houses Alexa, lovely designs and gorgeous bright colours, they are very eyecatching and I am sure are loved by your friend.
    Enjoy your week.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  8. They defintatly are .. they take pride of place on the wall of my little getaway Hut at Cape Cornall,probably the most westerly craft room in England!!

  9. Hi Alexa, Love these little canvas houses, great designs and colours.
    Avril xx

  10. Fabulous, the houses are really gorgeous.

  11. Love these adorable houses. I have so many places I could hang them!!

  12. Your lovely houses put a big smile on my face every time I see them!!! They are absolutely terrific and such a creative idea!!!

    Hugs from snowed under Vienna,

    Claudia x


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