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Monday, 12 March 2012

Twinchies Have Arrived!

I dashed home after my run and was really short of time (20 minutes to shower, wash and dry my hair and be back out of the door!) but lying on the doormat was a small padded envelope which I knew was the twinchies coming back to me from the Gingersnaps Art Exchange. 

I had to take that couple of minutes to have a quick peek at these little lovelies which are all absolutely gorgeous.

A big thankyou to Petra, Annette, Kerry, Valerie, Suze and Laura for these beautiful miniature works of art. I shall treasure them.

Twinchies Rule! x


  1. Fabulous Twinchies!!! What a great swap!

  2. Gorgeous twinchies. Thank you for my one! xx

  3. They are all so amazing. Thank you so much for mine :-)

  4. this must have been an awesome envelope to open! fabulous! xo

  5. These are WONDERFUL, what a fun package to open!!

    Ugh, I totally feel like mine were too plain now, swap anxiety is killing me!!!!


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