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Monday, 17 October 2011


I have been interested in having a go at Apron.ology (as named by Stampington & Co!) for a long time.  Well, actually since doing a canvas album a couple of years ago, which involved me trying to work in harmony with my sewing machine with whom I have  a love/hate relationship (I love it and it hates me!!)

I knew my retreat this weekend would be really messy so I decided that if any time for a new apron was upon me, this was it!!  

I headed off to the shops with an idea in my head and before long I returned with a crisp white apron and various threads and ribbons.  I hung my apron in the garden on our decaying tree house and sprayed it with Adirondack color wash.  I love their colours but I have to say that most of the depth washed out in the first rinse (despite serious heat setting) and my tumble dryer needed quite a bit of remedial work before using on the family wash (thank God the boys' rugby kit is black)!!  However, I was undeterred ...

I did a second spraying and rinse which did increase the depth but I would still have like to have achieved more colour density. 

Once dry for the second time, I got my sewing machine out and sewed all the frill, bobbles and stems onto my apron.  I used metallic thread which looks great on the apron but is a NIGHTMARE to machine sew with as you cannot get it to thread through the needle without removing the needle from the machine and using a threader.   In future (note to myself) DO NOT USE THIS THREAD!!!

The next day I was sat in the hospital with my eldest son who needed an operation so whilst he was in theatre, I sat and sewed the flowers and seed beeds onto my creation.  Found it really satisfying and for a non-sewer, remarkably relaxing!

Despite my mini-traumas with this project, I would recommend Apron.ology as it is  different and fun and the best bit is ... you get to WEAR your ART!!!

Keep crafty (it's the only way!!)  x


  1. This is super-cute, love it.

  2. Love your apron. This would make a perfect gift.

  3. Wonderful project- and I love that you described how you did this!

  4. Love it - fantastic flower embellishments!!

  5. wonderful darling delightful! well done. you should make more! xo

  6. how pretty, hope your son is o.k?

  7. This is lovely, Alexa. I always planned on making an apron ......

    Lucy x

  8. Fabulous apron, I love those pompoms round the hem. xx


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